Hongyan Machinery

Technical services:

Our company has several professional and senior workshop managers, and the overall arrangement adjusts the production tasks of the whole workshop. There are three production technologists, who prepare the production process in strict accordance with the standards, so that the product processing procedures are arranged reasonably, the processing is easy, the installation and debugging errors are small, and the work efficiency is improved. Centrifuge production workers several, practical experience, high efficiency. Fully independent and efficient production capacity. In 2013, the company passed the ISO9001-2008 quality certification of China Quality Certification Center. The company's strict, refined and humanized management has not only improved the quality of the company's products, but also stabilized a high-quality and skilled workforce.

Design R & D :

A series of centrifuge products such as PD sling, PS upper unloading, PGZ lower unloading, LW horizontal settlement, LWS three-phase horizontal settlement, LLW horizontal filtration, HG filtration settlement, HR single and double-stage piston pushing, GK horizontal scraper unloading, GKH siphon horizontal scraper centrifuge, DXL diversion type, YA press, etc. have been successfully developed and are widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields, with excellent product quality and excellent technical service has been well received by users.

Hongyan Machinery

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