What are the benefits of using a decanter sedimentation centrifuge

The horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge is mainly used to remove impurities and suspended solids in the liquid to achieve the effect of purification. The ordinary spiral sedimentation centrifuge mainly has two main cone angles and rotation speed in the discharge conditions. The machine includes two parts: the drum and the spiral, and the spiral includes the cylinder and the pusher blade. On the cylinder, there is a feed end and a clear liquid outlet end, which are used for feeding, as well as the outflow of the supernatant after separation.

The fulcrum of the spindle is much higher than the drum, the drum can be automatically aligned when running, the work is stable, the diameter of the drum is 800-1300 mm, and the work is intermittent. The filtrate is discharged from the bottom of the drum, and gravity slag discharge is generally adopted, that is, when the drum is low speed or stops rotating, the filter slag is discharged out of the drum under the action of gravity, and the solid particles are rarely broken;

LW series horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge

Because the machine has the characteristics of compact structure, low energy consumption, strong production capacity, and good adaptability with materials. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the centrifuge has been greatly improved and improved in terms of structure, performance and technical parameters, and its separation effect has also been improved, so it is very suitable to be used in petrochemical industry and three wastes treatment.

It is very suitable to be used in sludge dewatering, if it has a large aspect ratio, and the use of fully enclosed operation, then, it can have a good use effect, and it has the advantages that other sludge dewatering equipment does not have. In the sewage plant, in the treatment of activated sludge, the whole process of desilting is carried out by using a horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge, and the high-speed rotation of the sludge is driven by a high-speed rotating drum, and then centrifugal force is generated, so that the sedimentation of solid particles in the sludge is accelerated and concentrated on the drum wall. The bearing bearing length is large, the bearing performance is better, the bearing seat is independent, with the upper and lower oil injection channels, the motor is directly connected with the spindle, there is no transmission belt, which completely avoids the pollution of friction dust to the environment, the lower bearing end cover seal adopts double seal, which can ensure the sealing effect, the spindle adopts new anti-corrosion technology, which can protect the spindle from corrosion, the application of on-line cleaning and nitrogen explosion-proof device can realize the on-line cleaning requirements, and realize the application in explosion-proof occasions.

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